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Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) exists to recognize individuals and/or organizations internal and external to the organization that have programs that support and enable their staff to be certified in a nursing specialty. Committee responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Administering the ABNS Awards Program, including the ABNS Award for Nursing Certification Advocacy and the Janel Parker President’s Award.
  • Identifying opportunities to grant awards and recognition.
  • Providing for recognition of ABNS Member Organizations, leaders and individual members as appropriate.

Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to provide input as needed on educational programs that meet the needs of ABNS participants at Assembly meetings.

The committee will:

  1. Conduct educational needs assessments of ABNS members as appropriate.
  2. Review Assembly meeting participants’ evaluations of educational programs.
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions for program planning.

Public Relations Committee

he purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to give the Board of Directors input regarding the public relations and marketing activities of ABNS and to support recruitment and marketing activities authorized by the Board of Directors.

The committee will:

  1. Provide feedback on marketing and recruitment plans and activities.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the purpose of strategic planning and budgeting.
  3. Support marketing and public relations plans approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. At the request of the President, preside over new member orientation.

Research Committee

ABNS promotes research activities that advance knowledge regarding specialty nursing certification. The Research Committee is charged with implementing tactics and projects that support our strategic goals related to research including:

  • Establishing a national nursing certification research agenda.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the conduct and dissemination of research on nursing certification and continued competency.

For more information about the research activities of ABNS, click here.

ABNS – American Board of Nursing Specialties

Regarding Verification of Credentials
ABNS does not verify certification credentials of individual certified nurses. To verify a credential, contact the certifying agency that granted the credential. ABNS does not administer certification programs.

This website contains information specific to specialty nursing certification and is not intended or designed to give medical or nursing advice.

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