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Application Fee

The accreditation application fee for ABNS members will be $750 for 1 – 2 examination-based or portfolio assessment certification programs, or for assessment-based certificate (ABC) programs. Application fee for 3 – 5 examination-based or portfolio assessment certification programs will be $1000 for ABNS members. Additional programs submitted in the same application are $250 each (e.g., fee for application with six programs = $1250).

The accreditation application fee for organizations that are not ABNS members will be $1000 per certification or certificate program submitted.

A 10% volume discount will be provided for five or more initial ABC programs submitted in one application. For example, the ABNS member rate for six ABC programs would regularly be $1250; with the 10% volume discount, fee will be $1125 for six programs. For non-members, the application fee for six programs would be $6000; with the volume discount, the application fee would be $5400.

Multiple examination programs may be submitted at the same time to obtain the reduced fees.

Accreditation Fee

Upon notification of approval, the applicant organization will pay annual accreditation fees within 60 days of receipt of notification of approval. Annual accreditation fees are based upon a formula using the number of certificants or certificate holders at year-end. The fees will be $0.35 for each of the first 25,000 certificants or certificate holders, and $0.15 for each one over 25,000. The accreditation fees are capped at $15,000 per year. Initial accreditation fees are prorated depending on the quarter an application is submitted. The ABSNC fiscal year begins July 1.

Please Note

Regarding Verification of Credentials
ABNS and ABSNC do not verify certification credentials of individual certified nurses. To verify a credential, contact the certifying agency that granted the credential. ABNS and ABSNC do not administer certification programs.

This website contains information specific to specialty nursing certification and is not intended or designed to give medical or nursing advice.

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