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  • 13 Jul 2018 9:17 AM | Terri Hinkley

    Dear Fellow Nursing Leaders,

    My name is Terri Hinkley. I am the CEO of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) and the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) and a doctoral candidate in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) at the George Washington University.

    I am conducting my dissertation on the role social capital and psychological capital play in the severity of second victim syndrome (SVS) in RNs. As you are likely aware, second victim syndrome is the emotional, psychological and physical reaction of a nurse following a precipitating event, such as making an error or strongly identifying with a patient who has a significant adverse event or death. The nurses’ reaction can range from mild to debilitating, with severe cases being described as PTSD-like. SVS has resulted in nurse attrition, disengagement, poor performance and, unfortunately, suicide.

    As nursing leaders, I believe we have a critical role to play in the recovery of our nurses experiencing second victim syndrome. I am interested in understanding the individual level factors that influence the severity of the SVS experienced. I feel that if we can understand better the causal role of social capital and psychological capital, we can develop programs and services that can be delivered a priori, thus reducing the severity of SVS if, and when, it occurs.

    I plan on disseminating the survey in September or early October, following IRB approval. I would greatly appreciate being able to send the survey link to you or your responsible staff member, along with an email of introduction and explanation, for you to share with your membership and stakeholders. The survey will be completely anonymous, there will be no issue of confidentiality, and the results will only be shared in the aggregate. I will publish my research and will happily share the results of my research with your association. If you have any questions about this study or my research, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via the contact information provided below.

    Can you please respond to me directly to let me know if you would be willing to share this research request with your membership and what the process for doing so entails? Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Terri Hinkley




  • 27 Jun 2018 9:47 AM | Deleted user

    My board of directors would like to benchmark with other certification boards and non for profit associations regarding employee compensation (salaries, raises, bonus structure, etc.) Would anyone be willing to have a phone call or email conversation with a board member from ABOHN? Thank you 

  • 23 Feb 2018 8:29 PM | Elizabeth Anderson

    How do you select item writers for your certification exam?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Beth Anderson RN BSN CRN 

  • 30 Jan 2018 2:54 PM | Elizabeth Anderson


    Does your certification board carry insurance? If so what type of insurance does  your board carry.

    Thank you

    Beth Anderson RN BSN CRN

    Radiology Nursing Certification Board

  • 8 Nov 2017 12:48 PM | Terri Hinkley

    MSNCB is commissioning a research study on continuing competence and is encouraging all experienced PIs with a passion for certification and competence to consider submitting an application.

    Please review the posting below. If you know of someone you feel wold be an excellent fit, please pass the request to them or send them to our website www.msncb.org

    Thank you in advance!

    The Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) seeks an experienced Principal Investigator for a research study on continuing competence in certified medical-surgical registered nurses (CMSRNs)

    About MSNCB

    The Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) is a 501(c)(6) professional organization whose mission is to validate excellence in medical-surgical nursing and care coordination and transition management.  MSNCB administers the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN®) and Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM) certification programs and believes that certification is the recognized path for registered nurses (RNs) to build and demonstrate commitment, confidence, and credibility.

    Certification provides an added credential beyond licensure. It demonstrates, by examination, that the RN adheres to specialized nursing standards and has acquired a core body of specialized knowledge in their practice or specialty.  Currently, there are 30,000 CMSRNs and 500 CCCTM certificants.

    Certification is valid for 5 years at which time the certificant may recertify by obtaining continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours or taking the examination.

    Our vision is that MSNCB certifications are universally valued as essential to positive patient outcomes.

    Description and Role

    There has been significant discussion, at both the state and federal level, on the necessity of measuring continuing competence in registered nurses, especially in today’s complex and technologically driven health care environment.


    MSNCB is interesting in determining how certified RNs are currently managing their own continuing competence in the practice setting. These data will be valuable in the ongoing dialogue on continuing competence and will help inform future activities to ensure that CMSRNs incorporate continuing competence in their practice as a requirement of recertification.


    The envisioned research plan involves conducting a self-assessment of certificants at some point in time after initial certification or recertification, for example midpoint at year 2 or 3. The survey would contain open-ended questions that would require the CMSRN to reflect on his/her practice and competence. Note, the PI will work with MSNCB to flesh out the research questions for the study.


    The potential benefits of this study include the following:

    • 1.     Provide a description of a CMSRN’s practice as a certified nurse and the factors that help maintain and enhance competence. 
    • 2.     Validate or invalidate the value of continuing education to enhance knowledge and competence.  This is especially important since no one has been able to validate the value of CNE in relation to continuing competence.
    • 3.     Provide data to evaluate CMSRN recertification requirements.


    MSNCB envisions this study will be conducted via a survey disseminated to certified medical-surgical RNs. As the PI of this study, you would be responsible for proposal development, budget development, research study conduct, and preparation of a report of the study findings to the MSNCB Board of Directors.  You will also be expected to publish the study findings in the MEDSURG NURSING journal and deliver a presentation or poster at the AMSN Annual Convention held each fall.  



    • ·       Doctorally prepared registered nurse (PhD, DNP, EdD)
    • ·       Experience as a principal investigator (PI)
    • ·       Experience with outcomes research and longitudinal studies
    • ·       Experience in authoring research publications
    • ·       Knowledge of the domain of continuing competence
    • Term and Time Commitment

    The term for this project is expected to be approximately 1-2 years.


    General Process Information

    • ·       Work will begin immediately following approval for the position.
    • ·       The PI will have access to the MSNCB staff to provide information (e.g. CMSRN statistics, access to CMSRNs, recertification process, eligibility criteria, etc.). 
    • ·       A timeline will be established for completion of the proposal.
    • ·       The proposal must be approved by the MSNCB Board of Directors prior to initiation.
    • ·       The PI will submit written progress reports to the MSNCB Board of Directors every 120 days, or more frequently if directed.


    Application and Selection Process

    • ·       Applications must be submitted online by January 31, 2018.
    • ·       As part of the application, your current curriculum vitae (CV) is required.
    • ·     Phone interviews will be conducted with qualified respondents in March, if needed.
  • 25 Oct 2017 11:09 AM | Deleted user

    ABNN has a fantastic public member who will complete her second term on our board next March.   Sadly, she is not eligible for another term on our board due to term limits.  

    If you need a public member to serve on your board and would like to be connected with ours, please contact me.   

  • 4 Oct 2017 3:11 PM | Deleted user


    Our programs recently transitioned to year-round testing.    It hasn't been an entire year yet but the drop in applications is curious.  

    We have a short survey about the question:  Testing windows or year-round testing.

    The survey should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.   No identifying information will be collected unless you choose to provide it.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G2HYNQP

    Results will be shared in aggregate. 

    I appreciate any feedback. 


  • 30 Aug 2017 2:44 PM | Deleted user

    Does anyone perform a survey of candidates who failed the certification exam? If so in what time frame do you send out the survey? What are some topics you cover in the survey?

    Thank you.

    Denise Knoblauch

    ABOHN Executive Director  

  • 23 May 2017 7:01 AM | Deleted user

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share the link for our Position Statement on the Value of Hospice and Palliative Certification. This was a joint endeavor with our affiliate organizations, the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) and the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF).


    Thank you.

  • 1 Feb 2017 9:25 AM | Robert Ranieri (Administrator)

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