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ABNS January 2021 E-News

14 Jan 2021 10:33 AM | Robert Ranieri

January 2021 E-News


Call for Board Nominations

Download the pdf nomination form.

The American Board of Nursing Specialties is seeking nominations for the positions noted below. The vote will take place at the upcoming ABNS 2021 Spring Virtual Conference on March 5, see http://www.nursingcertification.org/conference for more information. Successful candidates will begin their terms in July 2021.

  • President-Elect: Serves consecutive terms:
    1. 2 years as President-Elect (beginning July 2021);
    2. 2 years as President;
    3. (optional) 2 years as Past-President
  • Nominations are due on or before February 19.


  1. To be eligible for an elected position on the Board of Directors, an individual must be a Regular Member representative to ABNS at the time of election and continue to serve their full terms of office with ABNS even though they may no longer be the designated representative of their Regular Member organizations.
  2. Members of the Board of Directors may not continue to serve as Regular Member representatives of their organizations. The Regular Member organization previously represented by the Board member must name a new representative to the Assembly.
  3. Candidates for the office of President-Elect must be Registered Nurses.
  4. All candidates for positions on the Board of Directors shall have attended at least one ABNS Assembly meeting within the 2 year period prior to election.
  5. Each Regular Member organization may have no more than one representative serving on the Board of Directors at the same time.


  1. Self nominations are encouraged. Submit your nomination by completing this form and returning it to the ABNS Executive Office, abns@nursingcertification.org, on or before February 19, 2021.
  2. Nominees will be notified by the Nominations and Election Committee and will give their permission to be placed on the slate.
  3. The Nominations and Election Committee will verify the eligibility of candidates prior to preparing the final slate.

Duties of the President-Elect, President, and Past President

The President-Elect shall:

  1. Assume duties of the President in the President’s absence or at the discretion of the President.
  2. Assume the office of the President in the event that the office is vacated.
  3. Provide oversight for the maintenance of the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of ABNS.
  4. Serve as Chairperson of the Bylaws, and Policy and Procedure Committees.
  5. Perform other duties applicable to the office as assigned by the President.

The President shall:

  1. Serve as the chief elected officer of ABNS.
  2. Serve as ex-officio, non-voting member of ABSNC.
  3. Serve, along with the CEO, as official representative and spokesperson of ABNS in matters of ABNS policy and positions.
  4. Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and Assembly.
  5. Appoint tellers, as deemed necessary, to serve for elections.
  6. Appoint a parliamentarian as deemed necessary to the conduct of meetings.
  7. Provide ABNS members with an annual report of the activities, decisions, and actions of the Board of Directors.
  8. Appoint representatives to all committees except the Nominations and Election Committee.
  9. Establish ad hoc committees as deemed beneficial to the ABNS.
  10. Perform other duties as applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by ABNS.

The Past President shall:

  1. Provide a historical perspective and serve an advise and consent roll on the board of directors.
  2. Serve as a member of the Nominating Committee.

ABNS Member Certification Survey

Please follow the link below to complete the ABNS Member Organizational Profile Survey for 2020. The survey results will be discussed at the upcoming Spring Conference, March 5. If possible, the survey should contain your data from your most recently completed fiscal year, or the 2020 calendar year.

Please complete the survey before the February 15 deadline

Complete the Survey

ABNS Membership Meeting

ABNS will host a membership gathering on Thursday, January 28 at 11am Eastern. 

Check your email for the call instructions.

ABNS Spring 2021 Virtual Conference

Call for Presentations

ABNS is requesting presentations for our 2021 Spring Virtual Conference (March 5).

We are requesting 30 - 45 minute "power sessions" highlighting the good work you have done in your organizations, focused on the topics outlined below. Some sessions may be pre-recorded for on-demand viewing throughout March.

How to Submit

All presentation requests should be submitted online on or before the January 29 deadline. You will need the following information before you can submit:

  1. Topic Area:
    • Crisis Management – lessons learned from the Covid Pandemic
    • Best Practices for Recertification
    • Content Security – exam exposure
    • Supporting Nurses at the Bedside (best practices)
    • Other: A great topic we didn’t think of!
  2. Presentation Title: Max 25 words
  3. Abstract: Description of the main idea and focus for your presentation (max 250 words).
  4. Presentation/Learner Objectives: Please list at least 2 objectives for your presentation.
  5. Presenter Information: Including name, credentials, employer, location for each presenter in your submission.
  6. Presenter Bio: A brief biography for each presenter in your submission (max 250 words).
  7. Primary Presenter CV/Resume: Required for Nursing CEs.
Submit your Presentation


This virtual conference offers a special rate of $400 per person and a buy 2 - get 1 free incentive:1 attendee - $400up to 3 attendees - $800up to 4 attendees - $1,200up to 6 attendees - $1,600up to 7 attendees - $2,000up to 9 attendees - $2,400up to 10 attendees - $2,80up to 12 attendees - $3,Sponsorship

Bronze - $500

  • Recognition with logo/links at live sessions.

  • Logo/links in the program.

Silver - $750

  • All bronze benefits.

  • Logo/links in the marketing material.

Gold - $1,000

  • All silver benefits.

  • Logo/links on conference website pages.

ABNS – American Board of Nursing Specialties

Regarding Verification of Credentials

ABNS does not verify certification credentials of individual certified nurses. To verify a credential, contact the certifying agency that granted the credential. ABNS does not administer certification programs.

This website contains information specific to specialty nursing certification and is not intended or designed to give medical or nursing advice.

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